ICS 2000, Tampere

Video Abstracts


Video Abstracts

Correction of stress incontinence with polytetrafluorethlyene patch sling T Yamada, S Kamata, N Ichiyanagi, K Nagahama, S Horiuchi, T Mizuo, H Saitoh

Surgical management of genital prolapse and urinary symptom R Kudo, M Koizumi, T Baba, T Suzuki, E Ito

The iliococcygeus hitch (IH) for vault prolapse (VP) SP Marinkovic, SL Stanton

Sacrocolpopexy with anterior and posterior polytetrafluorethylene mesh extensions SL Stanton, SP Marinkovic

Sacrohysteropexy : Treating Prolapse while maintaining fertility SL Stanton, SP Marinkovic

Secondary cydtocele repair (SCR): The Role of Prolene Mesh SL Stanton, SP Marinkovic