The International Continence Society, originally known as the Continent Club, was founded in 1971 by Mr Eric Glen.  With Mr Peter Caldwell as president, Mr Alexander as vice president and Eric Glen as the organising secretary, the first inaugural meeting was held in Exeter in 1971.  Over 60 participants attended the meeting from several countries and it was hailed as a great success both socially and scientifically.

At the same meeting Dr Smeekes from the Hague, emphasised the importance of standardising the nomenclature used in urodynamics. 

At the third ICS conference held in Copenhagen in 1973, Tage Hald was elected first chairman of the ICS standardisation Committee.  His committee published the first ICS reports between 1976 and 1981.  The society has gone on to publish many reports and retains the copyright enabling them to be published in a range of international journals.

Since then the ICS has grown from strength to strength, boasting a membership of well over 1500 from 64 different countries covering many disciplines including physicians, surgeons, nurses, physicists, physiotherapists, bio-engineers and scientists.

The primary interest of the International Continence Society is to study storage and voiding function of the lower urinary tract, its diagnosis and the management of lower urinary tract dysfunction, and to encourage research into pathophysiology, diagnostic techniques and treatment.

The founder members decided that the society should meet annually with a different meeting chair and venue each year. This annual meeting remains today, one of the most valued dates in the Urological calendar attracting in excess of 1500 delegates from all corners of the globe. 

Up-coming annual meetings

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Membership includes 6 bi-monthly issues of Neurourology and Urodynamics and a discounted registration fee for the Annual Meeting.  Subscription forms can be requested from our ICS office or payment can be made over our internet site at  

A membership certificate is sent to all members and personal ID numbers are allocated to allow access to the membership database and other secure pages of our website.

Board & Committees

The ICS has various committees and sub-committees and is managed by an advisory board of committee chairs, co-opted members and officials elected from the membership.  It was decided at the Exeter meeting in 1971, that the ICS should have neither a permanent president nor chairman, but that the chairman would change each year and the post be held by the host for the annual scientific meeting.

Current Advisory Board